Fordsburg to Newtown

Fordsburg to Newtown
- 6 October 2012 -

If there was one thing to learn about Fordsburg, there is a lot of pigeons and rubbish. 

I woke up early to meet Riaz and Norwin in Fordsburg to capturer the scene. We all decided on 6am so we could catch the soft morning light. Norwin was there just before 6:00am and I arrived at 6:00am sharp, I wish we could say so much for Riaz.

We met just outside the KFC in Fordsburg and decided that we would share our locations via my iPhone or iPad. It worked surprisingly well. As I was travelling from Pretoria, quite a distance away in comparison to the other 2, I could see Norwin leaving his house and the exact time he arrived at the meeting point. It even worked well to keep an eye on Riaz as to when he left his house eventually.

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