Barbecue Nation

Dinner with a friend at Barbecue Nation in India
- 20 November 2012 -

So who said braai's were only for South Africa. This is quite an interesting concept, you sit down in the restaurant and they bring hot coals and a grill to the table. Then they bring skewers of meat or vegetables, depending if you vegetarian or carnivorous. Now the problem I have here is all the meat/veg on the skewers is already pre-cooked. So basically the concept is a very fancy warming tray.

The important point though, is the food is good. The meat is good, the veg is good. The skewers are actually only the starters, the main course is a buffet, the trouble here is, they just keep bringing skewers until you stop them. The starters are so good, it's very difficult to say "stop". So by the time we said stop the we had no more space for the main meal. This seems to be a common problem here in Pune. Starters are as big or at times even bigger than the main course.

A friend I met back in South Africa offered to take me out for dinner, Shil Desai. He thought it appropriate to mix the India experience with something I'm familiar with. Barbecue Nation is quite well known in the area, everybody I spoke to knows the place. They even have multiple branches and sing happy birthday to the clients. Just like South Africa's Spur Steakranch.

The local entertainment is foreign.

Interesting combinations, good food and company. It was a decent evening, thanks Shil!

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