Innisfree Park

Innisfree Park - Sandton
- 03 November 2012 -

I went for a drive around Sandton, again, to see if I can get a landscape photo of the Sandton skyline. This isn't the first time I have tried. About 2 months ago I woke up bright and early with the same intentions, I didn't find much, but as I was losing hope a friend of mine messaged me about a fashion show in Sandton City. I packed my gear up and headed towards the mall. Maybe one day I'll share the photos.

As I was driving towards Sandton looking for a good spot that gives a nice overall idea of Sandton, I saw a board for Innisfree park, I thought what the hell and turned off, stopping in a parking space just outside the park.

As I walked into the park I noticed a board for the Innisfree Farm, I didn't go that route, but walked around to a large open patch to first play with some birds.

Not sure if they were playful or aggressive because they fly right towards you and split off just before they fly into your head. They do this continuously. I think its more an aggressive act!

Innisfree park appears to be a well maintained park on the doorstep of Sandton. There is a river that flows through it too, I guess I would have seen more of that if I went the farm way. The funny thing I found was that it appears that there is a small village right in the middle, nothing formal, more like a couple of shacks made from various materials. I couldn't place it and why it was in the middle of the park. I couldn't get any good pictures of it, so needless to say I can't share that.

So did I get the skyline of Sandton I was looking for? Well... no. But I did get to see a Park I have never been to before.

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