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New Years Eve Party
- 31 December 2012 -

This years "new years eve" celebration is similar to that of my Christmas celebrations, small and intimate but this time with my closest friends. The evening consisted of 6 men and 1 lady, alcohol, meat and a swimming pool.

I didn't get the best pictures in the world, at best I would say they are average, not considering I didn't even get half decent photos of everybody involved (so therefore Nanje and DJ are visually missing from this post), but all in all the evening is worth mentioning. I can try blame the lack of quality on the lack of light but that wouldn't be fair, I guess alcohol had something to do with it too.

This year we decided to have the celebrations at Scott's Guest house / backpackers in Hatfield Pretoria. This was a wise decision, there is plenty of beds to go around and it is also an excellent venue for a party. 

The evening started slow at about 5:00pm and everybody started arriving in drips and drabs. As soon as I arrived I started making some chicken wings as a starters, while Ryan poured everybody some shooter (which he continued to do the entire evening).

Ryan, Scott and myself landed in pool (by choice, no pushing). Nanje, Mark, DJ and Michael decided to avoid the water. 

Between all the laughter, drinks, and swimming, including a 3 man whirlpool, time passed relatively quickly and when we looked again, in this part of the world the year had officially ended and a new one had began. Champagne (actually sparkling wine) was popped and handshakes were exchanged.

That didn't stop the party though, we hadn't even had our main meal yet, so some more conversation and subsequent laughter continued while Scott prepared the fire for the braai.

Mike attempted the braai'ing of all meat, and was relatively successful, but only after dropping Ryan's food on the floor, but it all ended well and dinner was served (we could call it breakfast).

Eventually at 3:00am, after an evening of melktertjies it was time for bed, and being where we were, that meant walking a couple of meters to our rooms. 

The next morning most of us woke up early. Coffee had been prepared and cheese muffins was sent from Scott's mother, all which was well received. 

There is nothing better than spending the end of one year and the beginning of the next with ones closest friends. We shared stories and memories from 10 to 15 years ago, and laughed at Whackhead Simpson's radio pranks. At worst it was an excellent evening, but thanks to good company and Scott's hospitality the evening (and morning) was fantastic. Thank you my friends and happy new year, I'm sure this is going to be an excellent year!

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