My Room View and a Mall
- 25 & 26 May 2013 -

Arriving in Lusaka I was already "finished", 3 weeks of traveling... hotels, airport, work and then it all over again and again. I did ask at the reception how much it will cost to hire a car, but after I heard the price I forgot that idea, so at that point I decided I'm not going to be doing much.

One evening I awoke early, this wasn't planned. I just could sleep, so I whipped out my tripod, switched all the lights off in my room and got some pictures of the view from my hotel. Not a bad view.

As you can see the sun started to rise and it was morning, that meant breakfast time.

I decided to take a walk to the mall on a morning I had off, which apparently is the biggest mall around, and about 3 km from my hotel.

To get to the mall the only way is across a reasonably large street via a bridge. Must say they are pedestrian conscious.... just wish they would build a bit more pedestrian pavements, I constantly have to dodge uneven ground and walk in the sand. But it's not that bad after all.

Approaching the mall I had a very familiar sight. I could swear this was a South African mall, just about every shop is South African.

There must be a lot of South Africans living here, and the South Africans are definitely investing here.

Walking back from the Hotel was a long walk, just about as long as when I came, but it always feels longer when going "home".

These were the highlights of my week in Zambia, work went on well, but I don't take pictures of that.... how boring would that be!!

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