Ravenscroft Tea Party

Actually Coffee.... and a New Baby
- 27 July 2013 -

Baby Sleeping

While I was in Mozambique some friends of mine had a baby, unfortunately I wasn't there  to share the special moment with them. When I returned, both Ryan and Nanje asked when I would be coming to visit Amelia. The plan was to go round on the first week-end, and that is exactly what I did.

Ryan was tasked to make coffee/tea and I would bring the cake, such a contrast of our previous Saturday get-togethers. Not so long ago it was braai'ing meat and drinking beer!

I woke up early'ish and headed to Centurion Mall to get some cake, but like I normally do, I bought way to much. I bought two big cakes, 6 cupcakes, some cinnamon buns, 12 cocktail pies and 12 samosas, all this for four people (Nanje, Ryan, my mother and myself), so I messaged Michael to make sure he was coming too, we needed more mouths.

When we arrived Ryan was out buying car parts, but Nanje was home..... Obviously the main attraction was the latest addition to our lives..... Amelia.

She's beautiful, but like most babies, sleeps and yawns a lot!

New Born Baby

Baby Sleeping

Baby Yawning

Baby Yawning

My mother got to hold her.... I wasn't that lucky. Anyway, we didn't really want to bug her too much.... babies cry too, so I just took some photos.

Holding Baby

Baby with Dummy

Baby Lip

Soft Baby

Baby Almost Laugh

Just as Ryan arrived Amelia went to have her lunch, so Ryan prepared some coffee and I unpacked the assortment of food I bought. Not long after, Nanje joined us with a fed baby now fast asleep with a full stomach..... it was now daddy time.

New Born Baby Sleeping Blanket
Father and New Born Daughter

New Born and Father

Coffee and cake, and some baby talk.

Tea Party Guest

Cat Sleeping in Sun

Coffee Mugs

Tea Party Cheese Cake

Stomachs full the adults were getting drowsy too, so we got a tour of the baby room before we all started heading home.

Baby Amelia Sleeping

Baby Amelia Sleeping

Baby Owl

The baby room is really, really cool and full of baby stuff.....duh!

I didn't really get some mother-daughter photos, but there will be plenty of time for that, plus I'd like to get some Michael-baby photos too, that should be interesting.

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