Keeping Busy in Ponta d'Ouro

Around Town
- 1 to 7 September 2013 -

Mozambique Ponta do Ouro Curios

In planning the trip to Ponta d'Ouro we booked our dates from the 14th September to the 22 September, which I conveyed to the lady who made our bookings, problem is I did this via telephone and she somehow heard 14 August. It was only after I had made the payment that Michael asked why the invoice says 14 August and not September. As soon as we realized this I phone them back and asked if we can reschedule to the correct dates and not surprisingly the correct dates weren't available. I requested if I could cancel seeing that it was only the next day and she informed me that I would have to pay a 25% penalty..... I was pissed. 

So we were forced to change our dates, luckily we were all available for the revised dates so we arrived on the 31 August 2013

Ocean View Cabana's 4 View

Ocean View Cabana 4

We initially thought we would stay at the Motel do Mar, but the "Ocean View Cabanas 4" looked newer and better. The view from the Cabanas is pretty cool. We would have preferred beach side accommodation, but decided that 100m from the beach is good enough. 

While preparing for our holiday we went to the shops before our trip to get all the essentials, coffee, salt, pepper and similar stuff. We figured we would get the perishables and other stuff in Ponta do Ouro. Turns out that getting meat and stuff like cheese around town is a problem. Fruit and vegetables are readily available, and I did find one shop who sells cheese and meat, but at crazy prices.

General Market

Mozambique Cilli Sauce

On our first day I went to the market and collected some ingredients to make a potjie pot (Cast Iron Pot Stew). I found some mutton meat at crazy prices but decided to take it anyway. I picked up various other ingredients from various market stalls. I liked the look of the chilli sauce so I bought a bottle too.

Back at the lodge I prepared the fire and starting throwing ingredients in, I thought I would add a little spice using the chilli sauce I purchased earlier. I got the fire going at a low temperature, then we headed down to the beach bar to have a couple of drinks, after-all the potjie was going to need to simmer for about 3 hours.

When we return the fire had died and it took awhile to get it going again, but eventually the food was ready and we started our first dinner of the holiday. The meat wasn't the best, but it was ok, but the biggest shock was the chilli.... it was hot! I didn't expect that, I only added a small amount but damn did it burn. It was at this moment we realized what Mozambican Portuguese Peri-Peri means..... don't under estimate it!

Mozambique Lemons and Garlic

The market is made up on many small stalls all selling pretty much the same stuff. We got bombarded every time we went to the market, each stall owner wants us to buy stuff from them!

Mozambique Mobile Phone

Mozambique Ponta do Ouro Market

The market gets busy from about 8:00am but we were still able to get essentials like freshly baked bread (which is my favourite) and some fruit and vegetables earlier than that.

A couple of times I went to the market alone to get some pictures before everything was open.

Mozambique Concrete Market Stalls

Mozambique Ponta Market

Ponta do Ouro Market

Mozambique Freshly Baked Bread

Mozambique Empty Market

Ponta do Ouro Market

Mozambique Empty Market Stall

At other times I was joined by Scott and Mike.

Mozambique Ponta do Ouro

Mozambique Ponta do Ouro Market

Mozambique Locals

Mozambique Local Smoking

Alcohol is readily available at just about every stall, especially local beer and local rum, but there is some dedicated bottle stores to cater for a larger variety.

Mampara's Bottle Store

Right next to the market is a pub named Fernando's Bar, a small bar which only serves drinks, and especially a famous drink combination named R&R (Rum and Raspberry), made up of local rum and a raspberry flavoured soft drink, served in large qualities.

Mozambique Ponta do Ouro Bar

Ponta do Ouro Rum and Raspberry

One unique feature of this pub is, they allow anyone to nail any card of their choice to the bar, wall, tables or pillars. It is quite interesting see all the different things people are willing to nail to the wall. However it soon became apparent as to how drunk people get here when you start seeing valid drivers licenses, credit cards and passports.... yes passports! Only drunk people would do that!

We visited a couple of other bars in town too, including Pinto's Beach Bar, Neptune's Pub and Restaurant and The Beach Bar.

Ponta do Ouro 2 M

Ponta do Ouro Local Pub

Neptune Pub and Grill

Mozambique Ponta do Ouro

Ponta do Ouro Pub

Mozambique Ponta Pub

Snakebite Drink Mozambique

Closer to our chalet is a separate flea market which sells many little goodies to be taken back home. My only advise.... negotiate the price of curios.

Mozambique Ponta Flea Market

Ponta Flea Market Curios

Mozambique Ponta Flea Market

Mozambique Flea Market

Ponta Flea Market

Mozambique Ponta Curios

There are many T-Shirts available and Mike loves these so he browsed while I took photos. However I thought I should also take something back so I set my heart on some ashtrays. The first ashtrays I looked at were tiny little ashtrays and the owner of the stall wanted R100 each, I told him it was ridiculous and when we asked what I would pay I said R20.... he looked shocked. Just then another stall owner presented nicer looking ashtrays, way better than the previous ones... he also wanted R100 each, but eventually I walked away with 2 for R100 after about 5 minutes negotiation.

Mozambique Ponta Market

Moz Ponta Market Curios

Mozambique Flea Market

There are many other accommodation options, some campsites and other lodges, but it is essential you have a 4x4.... I have heard of people coming through in other vehicles with a diff lock and some very adventurous people in normal vehicles. I wouldn't advise it though, you will get stuck in anything less than a fixed diff lock, but if you do make it over the sand dunes you really run the risk of damaging your vehicle.

Moz Ponta Beach Accomodation

Moz Sandy Road

We found just about everything we needed around town, except for meat and fresh dairy products. I wish we had brought these along from South Africa. 

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