Adelaide Tambo School

A Pleasant Surprise
- 7th November 2013 -

On an outing to Gold Reef City to take photos I bumped into a group of school children and their teachers from Adelaide Tambo School. I snapped us some pictures of them, it is a school for the disabled situated in the Soweto. I researched the school a bit when I got home and learnt that they accept students who have disabilities and learning difficulties. If you want to learn more, visit their website @ Aledlaide Tambo School

The spirt of these kids is amazing and although I'm sure all kids love going to Gold Reef City Theme Park, this was a very special occasion for them. I got to know a couple of the teachers during the time I was with them, and all I can say is "I am stunned". The dedication and devotion I see towards these children from their caregivers is outstanding. They are making a fundamental difference in these kids lives, it was an honour to meet them.

All the kids I met, were individual personalities, personalities like anyone of us. They enjoying playing, socialising and care for each other. Now this is something that I always knew, but it is truly a different story seeing it in person. By now if you have been following these blogs, you will be aware that I have been doing a photography fine arts course and have been looking for some inspiration. So I'm considering exploring this in a little more detail, I am specifically interested in this school, but will need focus on some individuals and there lives. Although I would like to, I wouldn't be able to get to know all 381 of them. I have been pondering a lot about our country recently and specifically the future of our country, which brings me to one priority.... education.... These children and the rest of the children all over our country is our future.

Obviously I will need to get in contact with this school and see if my idea on a project is feasible, but I did promise the teachers that I would send them the photos and I hope that these children, their parents and teachers enjoy the photos as much as I do.

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