The beginning

I have been considering for some time the start of a 52 week project that documents, visualises the experiences of my life. That is one whole year, but on a weekly basis. Keep in mind the project only starts on 1 January 2013, but the planning and progress I will be shared from here onwards.

My Mission is to express, communicate, educate and entertain other (like you) from a different but ordinary point of view. I will be using photography, words and layout to depict my view of the world. The world can be scary, difficult to understand, beautiful and lonely. Most importantly this is my life and the things around me, its interesting, its challenging but ordinary to me.

My vision: People will be entertained and intrigued by my ordinary world. People will share with me and others my view of my world, they will connect and be intrigued by the difference and commonalities. Project 52 weeks can inspire, bore or scare but most importantly it's about understanding and expression.

I decided I need a "beginning" theme for the project and went to find something I think makes sense to where I am now in the progress of my project. I'm building ideas and thinking about 2013, so....

The theme is construction and creating, goes inline with where I am now in on the planning phases for 2013.

What this project is not: This is not a photo a day or a photo a week project. This is also not a themed photo project. This is an expression of my life. 

What do I hope to achieve and what are my goals? I'm planning at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 to have some type of publication of 52 weeks of my normal life in South Africa. This will probably be in the form of a electronic book. Very likely the start will be apple (iPad) book through the iBookstore, however that might change.

What to expect? Well I will be sharing my plans and progress. Exploring ideas, technique and my neighbourhood, improving on the photography and writing skills and learning lots and lots of new things.

Project 52 Weeks is only a temporary name of the project, the book will probably not be called this and as I figure out better how and what I want to do, I will come up with a more creative and fitting name.

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