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Panorama, Multiple Exposure and Series

Multiple exposures are fun, but more about that later.

So I just upgraded my iPhone software to latest IOS 6 operating system, included in the new software is the ability to capture panorama photos. It uses a nice flowing system, that work quite well. I like the smooth exposure, considering that I was moving between shade and almost direct sunlight.

Multiple exposures, I found some tutorial on the internet and thought I would give it a shot. Worked out quite well. I first tried this at night, but the room was a little dark making thing difficult. So I waited for daylight and tried again, much better result as you can see below. The comments I got on my the Facebook page and iCloud range from freaky to interesting.

In my previous post I had a photo or two of Jade drinking tea and thought it would make a nice story if applied in a series, I think it came out quite well, the vertical series being my favourite. Children make drinking tea look like so much fun.

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