Mauritius - Dinner, then the East Beach

Flic en Flac and the East Beaches
- 10 & 11 May 2013 -

We arrived in Mauritius Wednesday night, the 8th May 2013, and I wasn't in a good mood! We traveled from Gaborone to Johannesburg, waited four hours and then another 4 hour flight to Mauritius... The flight wasn't bad except for the British grandpa next to me who was complaining about everything the whole flight long. It was at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport that my mood deteriorated... We didn't have a shuttle or taxi waiting to take us to the hotel, we made a plan and got our own taxi to travel across the island to the other end where our hotel was. When we arrived at the hotel, I stumbled around with my 6 bags of luggage just to be watched by the porter all the way to the front desk, not good for my mood.

So I checked in and went to bed. I woke in a similar mood but got dressed and headed to work. The hotel was within walking distance to the office so no taxi was needed. When we arrived the previous night it was dark already and we didn't see much of our surroundings, but in the morning I was delighted to see, hear and smell my this gorgeous place. It was beautiful, mountains all round and the weather was just right. It didn't take 10 minutes for my mood to change and by the time we got to the office, I was positive and ready for the day.

2 days of work went by and the same experience all the way through... crystal clear scenery and smell of the sea. I was eager for the week-end to come... Friday morning when I left for work I arranged for a rental car for the week-end, a small Hyundai i10, but that was good enough. I was looking for the cheapest deal. Zima had arranged a tour for her and her husband, but I wanted a car to explore with.

Friday afternoon when signed my life away for the rental car we decided we would drive to the nearest sea... Flic en Flac. Despite leaving when it was still light and it being only 20km away we arrived 2 hours later, the traffic was horrendous and we didn't know which roads to take so we landed up taking the worst one and it was peak hour traffic on a Friday afternoon.

The streets where buzzing with activity in Flic en Flac and there was a beach party on the go. We took a stroll on the beach, but it was unlit and very dark so we couldn't see a thing, but I made a point to take my shoes off and walk in the water and beach sand.

We then found a restaurant and had dinner. Pizza to be exact.

The food was good, but we were terrified on what to expect for the trip back so we left for the hotel, besides I was planning to wake up an hour before dawn to explore the island, so I needed my sleep.

Like normal I decided not to go to the most popular spot and headed on the motorway to explore the east beaches.

I headed straight for the sea and when I arrived the scenery was honestly breath-taking.

Every time I took a turn on the bendy mountain / coast road I got excited to see the next view. I noticed a peer and decided to explore.

I'm sure on the North side of the island I would have seen many other tourists, but here... there were none, just the locals going on with their simple island lives.

Between the mountains and the ocean, it was heaven.

I continued north on the road which was hugging the sea on the one side and the mountains on the other... I drove really slow stopping all along the route to soak in the beauty. I was so glad that I had rented a car for the day, I could take as long as I needed.

What else is there for me to say, I'll let the photos speak for them-self.

I reached a peer where I had my first sight of other tourists... they were preparing to go on a boat trip.

I continued on to some more beaches.

The majority of the 1.2 million people in Mauritius are Hindu's so you find Hindu temples all over the place.

At about midday I had soaked in enough of the surroundings on the east coast and decided to head back to the hotel. I would rest a while then head out to Port Louis in the late afternoon (post to come soon).

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