Mauritius, Port Louis

Le Caudan Waterfront
- 11 May 2013 -

I took a rest from my earlier trip to the east side of island, and at about 4pm I headed towards Port Louis. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, so I headed down the main road in search of anything that could catch my eye. The Le Caudan Waterfront looked like a good idea, so I pulled into a parking lot and started browsing around.

With a setting on the foot of the mountains and clear blue water, it was an ideal location. The waterfront was constructed of modern buildings and filled with stylish people. It was a good start to the afternoon.

It was a beautiful setting, but in the distance I heard a commotion, it sounded like a crowd of people. I didn't hear music so I was sure it wasn't a concert. I decided to head in the direction. I found a crowd of people surrounding a young man dressed in bright green trousers, who was rattling-on on a microphone. I didn't understand a word as most people in Mauritius speak a dialect of french. However I did notice a small group of police/security (3 or so) interfering in the act, they were pissed, I mean horribly angry with the performance. If it wasn't for his colleague hold him back, he would have beat the young man... The performer was clearly making fun of the security.... The crowd seemed to enjoy him, I just wish I understood what he was saying.

With no music and a language I didn't understand, I got bored quickly and moved on.

There is clearly money in this place, expensive yachts and boats in all directions.

I passed a boat where I heard some strange sounds and peeked in. It was an African Grey parrot chattering away, it was very cute but it just reminded me on how much I miss Robyn back home.

From pure simple lives in the east to high tech sophistication at Port Louis, it was clear I had traveled from one end to the other, literally and figuratively.

I spotted a floating restaurant, and decided I will take a break and have a drink watching the sunset. The Deck, which is the name of the venue, was almost empty, but I didn't care the setting was fantastic.

With the restaurant stretching out into the dock with fantastic views, I had the urge to have dinner here, so I messaged Zima and asked if they are keen to join me, they were!. So I jumped into the tiny i10 and headed back to the hotel, picked up Zima and Adu and headed back to the Port Louis Waterfront.

This time round I packed my tripod as it would be dark when we arrived and I would like to take advantage of the lights surrounding the docks. I got a couple of photos next to the water, but it soon dawned on me long exposures on a rocking boat will do no good so I had to rely on solid ground and large apertures to get the photos I wanted.

We sat down for dinner. This was seafood restaurant, so we ordered some seafood. It was good!!!

We finished off a fantastic dinner and decided to explore some more of the waterfront.

It was time for bed, so we headed back to the hotel. A brilliant experience, and once again I was so glad I had rented the car for the week-end.

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