A Greek Lunch

A Year End Lunch, the Greek Way
- 29 November 2013 -

East Rand Mall Greek Restaurant

It was that time of the year again where we all joined for a corporate festive lunch. This time we went to a Greek restaurant in the East Rand. I have a strange feeling that the East Rand was selected due it's proximity to Sifiso's house. I'm still waiting for the day that we have a lunch in Pretoria, but the chances are small.

Photography Greek Lunch

We arrived in drips and drabs.... I have never been to the mall before so knowing where to go was a problem, but I came right. However it appears that the rest of our crowd also got a bit lost.

Photography Christmas Lunch

The gathering this year was a bit bigger than previous year. This time we had all the guys from India join, including Karen, and some other contractors working on our project. It was good to have everybody together in a more social environment.

Greek Year End Lunch

East Rand Greek Restaurant

Photography Blog Christmas Lunch

Although the idea is to be social and leave a bit of work behind, the stress of the work was evident with some people continuing to discuss the problems on the project, but a couple of drinks later the group was smiling and laughing.

Johannesburg Year End Lunch

Photography Blog Lunch

East Rand Mall Year End Lunch

Christmas Lunch Greek Gauteng

Johannesburg Year End Lunch

Johannesburg Year end Lunch

For most of contractors this was their last day at work so it was fitting that the lunch was scheduled for this day.

Year End Lunch in East Rand

Rand Rand Mall Lunch

A greek setting is a different menu, but this being South Africa most people stuck to the red meat and chicken with the exception of the India crowd who decided to go for a veg platter  as a starter. But I think it is clear that the Indians don't like the greek style veggies, they failed to eat 90% of the plate.

Bedfordview Year End Lunch

Slowly some of the group started going home, starting with Shirley.... but the party animals stuck around. Sifiso left for supposedly "15 minutes", or at least that is what he promised. It's more like 30 minutes.... He had to get his kids to their swimming lessons, but seeing that he was settling the bill, he had to be the last to leave.

Johannesburg Greek Year End Lunch

I eventually succumbed to my urges to take some "different" photos.

Photography Blog Year End Lunch

Some people were now getting back into deep discussions about work while others messed around and laughed.

Work Lunch Year End

Johannesburg Bedfordview Greek Lunch

Johannesburg South Africa Greek Food

Greek Lunch Gauteng

Johannesburg East Rand Greek

Johannesburg East Rand Mall Restaurant

The Greek Lunch was done!

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