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On a Dairy Farm with Jade
- 23rd December 2013 -

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Two days before Christmas my brother asked if Jade can spend the day with me. She was supposed to be with her mother, but that didn't work out so I had this privilege as my brother couldn't get off work and I was already on annual leave.

Early that morning I rode to Germiston to go collect her before Michael left for work.... they were waiting for me, Jade eagerly jumped into my car, excited about the day ahead. Michael had told her that I would be going out to take photos, which was my plan initial plan prior to agreeing to brothers request, but given the new circumstances I rescheduled this for another day.

We enjoyed the relatively quiet ride home, occasionally chatting about the farms we saw on our was home. When we arrived we switched on my brothers newly purchased Xbox and played some Toy Story.... after 2 hours it was getting boring for both of us so I suggested we go to the Irene Village Farm up the road from my house.

Centurion Irene

We arrived and headed straight for the cows. 

Pretoria Cows Farm

One of the calves grabbed Jade's dress giving her a little fright and leaving behind a nice juicy saliva'd dress. It turned out to be quite funny in the end.

Centurion Dairy Farm

They also had some chickens on the farm, so we checked them out too... We did spot a couple of baby chicks and ducks wondering around too. 

Irene Dairy Farm Babysitting

Irene Dairy Farm Green Dam

We found a spot next to a very green dam, and to my surprise this is where we spent the majority of our time. Talking about all sorts of things, but mostly about what could be living under the green sludge.

Centurion Farm Green Dam

Irene Dairy Farm Centurion

Green Dam Farm

Dam Irene Farm

When we were done with the green dam we headed to the restaurant to grab something to eat, there we were entertained with some very brave doves who actually had developed the habit of  jumping up onto the tables to get their fix of crumbs.

Doves Photography Irene Dairy Farm Restaurant

The idea was to eat something and go check out the animals again, but when Jade told me that she was bored of these animals I decided to call it the day. So we stopped off at the farm stall and bought some buttermilk rusks for granny and set off home again.

On the way home we discussed the option of going for a swim, so I called up Ryan and Nanje and asked if they minded if we pop around for a swim in their complex pool. So after a brief stop at home and a change into swim suits we headed out to Ryan's place. The pool was a little green but the water was cool and refreshing but not too cold. Jade practiced her swimming skills while I chatted to Ryan and Nanje.

When we returned to Ryan's house we discussed the option of having a braai a little later, I called up Michael and told him to meet us at Ryan's. 

Jade spend the remaining part of the afternoon playing with Amelia (Ryan and Nanje's newly born) and the cat (Chrissy), while I engaged in some deeper conversation with Ryan. 

Before the braai Jade and I decided we would quickly pop round to my house to get changed  into a fresh set of clothes and pick up some meat for the braai on the way back. While in the car Jade commented.... "so you are my babysitter?". I was  a little surprised because I didn't even see it that way, this was more a day spent with my beautiful niece, but I guess you could call me that.

Jade is an exceptional 5 year old, extremely well behaved and intelligent but not without the normal refreshing 5 year old personality. I love spending time with her, and I think she likes spending time with me too!

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